Photographic Adventurers





William G. Hartshorn, a native Californian, is a professional photographer with magic in his camera. One look at his imagery shows you that he has a deep emotional and spiritual relationship with the land and sea, graphically portrayed by the indelible images he captures. With a very sharp, curious and keen eye, he has increased his knowledge and techniques through observance, research and perseverance.

Chasing the Light



Mr. Hartshorn demonstrates his love of the outdoors with photographic images of the impressive coastal waters and wild wilderness images of the nation, coupled with dynamic cityscapes of great cities. He combines his photo interest with all of nature's elements searching for the play of natural daylight, fleeting glimpses of silvery moonglow, and the neon shimmer seen only at night. Hartshorn has an unerring eye and the patience to wait for exactly the right light, resulting in images that perfectly record a moment in time, providing him with endless opportunities for his photographic creations.

William's photographic images can be seen on calendars, posters, postcards and various souvenirs. Among the foregoing he has been represented in National Geographic Traveler, Outdoor Photographer, PC Photo, Estates West, Where, and Automobile Club of America (AAA) Westway's magazines. His credits include photographic assignments with The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, Ford Motor Co., University California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Price Weber, Princess Cruises, Six Flags, Caesars Palace, and Paris Hotels.



 The main goal in his photographic imagery is to give people a sense of place and inspiration. His attunement with the land and seashore give him a special insight into two of America's most precious resources. The resulting sensitivity to the natural world can be seen in Hartshorn's rare photography of luscious colors from untamed places. 

After years of capturing the "Picture perfect Postcard", William now enjoys sharing the Photographic experience.  Check out Photographic Adventurers on Meetup.com -  https://www.meetup.com/Photographic-Adventurers  - to join William on a Photographic Adventures - ensuring you will capture the image.